Manchester United FC ticket package -

Please be aware that prices are not live and may be sold out or a price change at time of enquiry.

Please send your enquiries by email or phone.

The below prices include 1 night stay in a 3* city centre hotel (typically The Liner Hotel) on a room only basis and your hospitality match ticket (details at the bottom of this page) Travel to the UK is not included and is booked by yourself.


The non-refundable booking deposit is 25% and the balance is due 8 weeks before the fixture.

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Manchester United 2022/2023
Date Opposition Kit Room Academy Lounge International Suite Victoria Warehouse Hospitality
07th Aug 2022 Brighton €280pp €280pp Sold out €340pp
22th Aug 2022 Liverpool €440pp €440pp €480pp €545pp
04rd Sep 2022 Arsenal €365pp €365pp €465pp €495pp
18th Sep 2022 Leeds United €335pp €335pp €435pp €495pp
16th Oct 2022 Newcastle United €335pp €335pp €435pp €465pp
19th Oct 2022 Tottenham Hotspur €305pp €305pp TBA €365pp
30th Oct 2022 West Ham United €335pp €335pp €400pp €440pp
26th Dec 2022 Nottingham Forest €260pp €260pp €295pp €390pp
02nd Jan 2023 A.F.C. Bournemouth €225pp €225pp €260pp €355pp
14th Jan 2023 Manchester City €505pp €505pp €600pp €665pp
04th Feb 2023 Crystal Palace €310pp €310pp €365pp €535pp
18th Feb 2023 Leicester City €340pp €340pp €405pp €470pp
25th Feb 2023 Brentford €340pp €340pp €405pp €535pp
11st Mar 2023 Southampton €310pp €310pp €365pp €535pp
08th Apr 2023 Everton €375pp €375pp €440pp €565pp
22nd Apr 2023 Chelsea €535pp €535pp €600pp €725pp
29th Apr ​2023 Aston Villa €405pp €405pp €470pp €600pp
13rd May 2023 Wolverhampton €375pp €375pp €430pp €600pp
28th May 2023 Fulham €375pp €375pp €440pp €500pp


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International Suite Package: