The Best of Iceland -

Included in your package:

  • Return flightsHand luggage
  • Airport to Blue Lagoon transfers
  • Entrance to Blue Lagoon (standard)
  • Blue Lagoon to hotel transfer
  • 3 nights stay in the 3* Lights Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Northern Lights night cruise (thermals + transfers included)
  • Golden circle classic tour (8 hours)
  • Free day
  • Hotel to airport transfers


(Booking Deposit: €300 PP)

Your Itinerary:


  • Dublin 11:35 Reykjavik (KEF) 13:30

  • Carry-on bag included each

  • Airport transfer – Blue Lagoon

  • Entrance to the Blue Lagoon (standard)


Season: All Year

The Blue Lagoon is considered one of the New Wonders of the World. Enjoy a relaxation in the geothermal waters.  The geothermal water originates 2,000 metres below the surface, where freshwater and seawater combine at extreme temperatures. It is then harnessed via drilling holes at a nearby geothermal power plant, Svartsengi, to create electricity and hot water for nearby communities.


On its way to the surface, the water picks up silica and minerals. When the water emerges, its temperature is generally between 37°C and 40°C (98-104°F). But owing to variables outside of our control – including weather and time of year – the water temperature sometimes fluctuates beyond this range.



The geothermal water has a unique composition, featuring three active ingredients – Silica, Algae & Minerals.

The blue colour comes from the silica and the way it reflects sunlight. During summer there can also be a hint of green in the water. This is the result of the algae, which multiplies quickly when exposed to direct sunlight.  

However, and this might come as a surprise to you, the water is actually white. If you pour it into a transparent cup, it will always have a milky white colour. The sun simply makes it look blue!

Entrance options:

Comfort Entrance includes Silica Mud Mask, Towel, 1 drink of your choice and Algae Mask - Included extra

Premium Entrance includes Silica Mud Mask, Towel, 1 drink of your choice, Algae Mask, Use of Bathrobe, Slippers, Reserved table at LAVA Restaurant, Sparkling wine at LAVA Restaurant (complimentary with lunch/dinner) - €20 extra

  • Blue Lagoon to hotel transfer

  • Check in for your 3 nights stay in the 3* Lights Hotel


Reykjavik Lights Hotel by Kea 3*

Reykjavik Lights Hotel is a concept design hotel managed by Keahotels, the ever changing source of light in Iceland and how it reflects Icelanders everyday life is an inspiration for this Nordic-style hotel offering an experience throughout. Reykjavík Lights offers a great location on the edge of the vibrant city center. Easily reachable by foot or through public transport. The hotel has 105 rooms decorated in Scandinavian style. Each room has a specific color palette referencing the ancient Icelandic calendar, in addition artwork demonstrating local tradition and experiences distinctive for the season decorate the walls.


  • Northern Lights night cruise (thermals + transfers included)



Season: 01 September – 15 April

On the tour we will take you out into the dark blue yonder of Faxaflói bay in search for the mystical phenomenon we call the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, leaving behind the bright city lights of the capital Reykjavík. Watching the lights constantly change in intensity, colour and movement in the vast starry space with the gentle lull of the ocean beneath is a thrilling, unique experience.

Northern lights are best displayed under dark, clear skies. Our open top viewing decks provide the perfect platform for witnessing the dazzling spectacle while our heated indoor lounge is a great place to take a break and warm up in between sightings.



  • Golden circle classic tour (8 hours)



Season: All Year

The tour starts with a stop in Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site listing and the birthplace of the oldest existing parliament in the world. This is also where the gigantic tectonic plates of America and Eurasia have pulled apart and the resulting rift valley is right there before your eyes on the shores of Iceland’s biggest lake.