The Oktoberfest Festival -

Oktoberfest, is probably one of the best known festivals, if not in the world, then definitely in Europe. It is the most alcohol packed festival in existence. But this is not the only reason why the festival has such an allure. Oktoberfest is also known for its Music and its Fat sausages. Also, if you would like to fully immerse yourself in the culture and mood of the festival, you can grab your Tirolerhute (traditional bavarian hat) and your Lederhosen (shorts and suspenders). which is the traditional dress code for men. This also with the traditional Bavarian dirndl (a corseted dress with the first push up bra in the world) for women. More informations:

The next Oktoberfest festival will be held on 19th September to 4th October 2020. Chek the full program here.

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